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Post 3 - O

NEW SONG, GO SEE MY NEW SONG "O" It's apart of my first album. News too, ONE is not an album anymore, it's a EP. Mainly because there isn't a lot of music there. Not the longest runtime. Dystopia can't be finished either, sadly. Im working on too many things to be considered important right now. So no dystopia. Sorry. And this is the only place im posting news like this. So if no one knows this, sad.

Post 3 - MOVIE REVIEW (wait what)

Yes, I am doing a movie review on my music blog but screw you. This is no longer a music blog, it is a blog, check the banner.


the movie is good, i have 1 problem and that is that there is always a center of attention in the movies nowadays. Encanto with the Madrigals this movie with the Lee Family; I dont get why and how pixar/disney thought this was a good idea. this does not happen. there is nppot a center of attention family in this world. not where im from. but the movie itself is great, the story is entertaining and the concept is interesting to follow and still friendly for children to understand, there are some parts that can get someone confused but its good nontheless. The animation is a standout point for me, the cloth sims and the modeling; the technical parts of the movie is what gets me. Pixar working hard to get this movie to look good and the result is fabulous. Obviously the fur simulations are the star of the show here with the pandas having ALOT OF FUR, but thats still good, because the fur looks amazing. The backstory sounds stupid... but i like stupid. "She had a mystical connection with red pandas" why.

blue/swiss (8/10)


The title is a total lie. Dr. Phisics does not have a degree but he is a person that can help you! call 1 (800) 588-2300. anyways, i've been listening to some more music and MF DOOM kept popping up so when i listened to him... too good. Meat Grinder might be my favorite track atm, and i hope the more i listen the more i like. thats it for now. new post soon.


School wake up times suck. According to studies conducted in 2007 and in 2018, the older you get, the less sleep you need. The average teenager needs around 8-10 hours and are trained to sleep at around 11pm, and school forces you to wake up at 7am. So... wouldn't that mean that you don't get enough sleep? Yea. So, I pray, and pray, and beg schools to change the wake up time to 8:30am or later. (i need to wake up at 7:00 for the bus) [sources listed below.]

"Division of Sleep Medicine. Changes in Sleep With Age. Harvard Medical School, 18 Dec 2007"

'Teenagers aren't wired to get sleepy until 11PM.' - Stanford Medicine News Center, Oct 2015

Post 6 - ALMOST

Summer is ALMOST here, my album is ALMOST (halfway) done, and im ALMOST dead, mentally that is. Im just tired, of alot but this isn't therapy this is a blog. Im halfway done with my album and i think, I THINK, it will be done this summer but i may have jinxed it. i might start posting videos i make and MAYBE start spittin' bars on my hot tracks yo. the album consists of rock, some expirimental stuff, and alot of loud noises. Im gonna slow it down on the next track. When i make my music i usually just throw sum drums, a random chord progression and badabing badaboom, im good. this album allows me to do more, like a chord progression, WITH GUITAR. I'll see how progress goes. see you next post.